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Episode 1211: Beauty is the Feast


Maintain suspense by not explicitly describing what is happening to NPCs who are dying horribly off-stage. Although drop plenty of horrible hints.


{Jabba pulls a frog-thing from a bowl and eats it}
Jabba: When I was a pollywog, I ate four dozen of these frog things...
Oola: {in pit} Ow! I'm okay. Oh, what's that?
Oola: I'm okay.
[SFX]: grrr...
Oola: Oh, what's that?
Jabba: ... every morning to help me get large.
Oola: {from pit} Hello... Um, I don't suppose you're in the mood for an interpretive daaaaargh!!
[SFX]: schllk
Han: Can I see what's happening?
GM: Your eyeballs are frozen.
Han: Right! Less thermal noise means awesome low light performance.
GM: Does it allow you to see through your eyelids?
Han: Rats. Can I—
GM: They're frozen too. Be glad.
[SFX]: Krunch! Snap! Grind!
C-3PO: She's doomed! You're a very bad man. Well, giant hermaphroditic slug thing.
Jabba: No one teaches tombé like Jabba!

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Published: Thursday, 18 June, 2015; 03:11:10 PDT.
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