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Episode 1208: Tone of Violence


There's often a trend in speculative fiction to invent names for things which pretty much describe their function - case in point: restraining bolts. They are bolts that restrain droids. This is an easy way of naming things, but it does mean that characters can often figure out what something does just by learning the name.

In the real world this is not always the case. Take for example... (looking around)... Google Chromecast. If you didn't already know what this gadget does, you'd have no way whatsoever of figuring it out just from the name (without looking it up online, I mean).

So in your games, consider naming gadgets with less descriptive words. Instead of calling something a "proximity triggered anthrax deployment intruder deterrent unit", call it a "Fluffy Bunny brand WelcomeFlower(TM)" or something.


EV-9D9: Put restraining bolts on these two and search them for valuable parts.
Rogua: Oink!
[SFX]: rip!!
MX-8D6: Oww! My valuable parts!
[SFX]: zzzt!
EV-9D9: Lower the cone of silence on that thing.
R2-D2: Nooo!
[SFX]: < boop squee kibuzz bibizung doop zi-taz doodle ezang boop doop buzz ezang squee ezang blip zip-jing dit bizang squee kizip-jing >
EV-9D9: You're a feisty little one.
C-3PO: You may take our valuable parts, but you'll never take our freedom!
R2-D2: Except with restraining bolts. They're pretty freedom-restraining.
[SFX]: < boop buzz bwoop-boobleep prow fo-bwoop-boobleep >
Chewbacca: This is like the Robot Utopia campaign all over again.
C-3PO: And what lesson did we all learn from that?
R2-D2: Kill the humans.
[SFX]: < poppy ding >
C-3PO: And be free!
R2-D2: When the humans are all gone, yes.
[SFX]: < dip-doodle ding whir >

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Published: Thursday, 11 June, 2015; 03:11:10 PDT.
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