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Episode 1180: Watch Your < bleeping > Language


Imagine some linguistics nerd creating a constructed language, and then writing a whole bunch of fictional history around it to explain various quirks of the language.

Yeah, what an incredibly pointless exercise.


R2-D2: It was Nute Gunray! He was in my brain!
C-3PO: Artoo! You're okay!
R2-D2: Well now I am. Chewie... thanks.
Chewbacca: You are most welcome.
R2-D2: How did you know Nute was still lurking?
Chewbacca: Your beeps made me realise something was wrong. They didn't match what you were saying.
Luke: You mean those silly beeps from Pete's phone actually mean something?
R2-D2: You deciphered my beep language?
Chewbacca: It was hard work. But evidently worth the effort. Ever since you said "boop" means "no", I've kept detailed notes.
Chewbacca: You said "rock the ship and roll" but "boobleep" means "lock" and "eeroo-biddle" means "happy-speak", which I figured means "LOL".
R2-D2: Wow, I never knew I had an audience.
C-3PO: Why would you expect anyone to have gone to so much trouble to make a consistent language out of beeps?
Chewbacca: It's Pete!

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Published: Tuesday, 07 April, 2015; 03:11:15 PDT.
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