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Episode 1161: Beyond Good and Evil


Factions are good. Never throw away a good faction when you can reuse it later on to add spice to a political situation.


{Luke sliding}
Luke: aaaaaahhh....
Nute Gunray: You think it's all about Light and Dark. They are both illerevant.
Nute Gunray: Only profit is pure.
Nute Gunray: It doesn't matter how you succeed, as rong as you succeed.
Nute Gunray: The old Trade Federation was stuck in a rut of goods and services. Now we're all about personal rifestyle pratforms.
Nute Gunray: For example, yours is holding you from certain death.
Nute Gunray: For you, the path to success is simple. Join me.
Luke: Yeah... no... I don't think so.
[SFX]: drop {trapdoor under Luke opens}
Nute Gunray: We don't need you anyway. We can do this all by myself.
{shot of entire Cloud City from exterior}
Nute Gunray: I've gone viral.

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Published: Sunday, 22 February, 2015; 02:11:07 PST.
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