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Episode 1156: But Wait, There's More!


Major villain NPCs need to take whatever advantage they can get. Of course they're going to build booby traps into whatever they have that the heroes might interact with. Which may include their own bodies or life support systems, if they get a chance.


Darth Vader: {narrating flashback} "The next thing I knew..."
{flashback sequence between Vader and Palpatine}
Palpatine: Padmé... Rise...
Darth Vader: What... What have you done to me?
Palpatine: I need a strong figurehead to control the military; you shall have the power you crave. Do not deny it; I have sensed it building in you.
Palpatine: Anakin was a hero of the Republic; but sadly he was too far gone.
Darth Vader: He's d-d-... dead?
Palpatine: I transfused his midi-chlorians into you; they will grant you Force powers. The midi-chlorians have supported your shattered body; they will help you grow strong again.
Palpatine: But the military chain of command is very... traditional; they won't accept a female leader.
Darth Vader: They will assume... I am Anakin?
Palpatine: Yes. You must maintain the illusion that you are now effectively a retired Jedi; you should adopt the "Darth" honorific.
Darth Vader: I shall be known as... Darth Vader.
Palpatine: I regret to say, your life support systems contain... measures to ensure your loyalty.
Darth Vader: What do you mean?
Palpatine: You are too dangerous, too... reckless. You must learn control. Until you do, I shall be your master.
Palpatine: Now, get me some tea.
Darth Vader: Sigh, very well.
Palpatine: One sugar.
Darth Vader: Yes, yes.
Palpatine: No milk. A slice of space pear.
Darth Vader: Noooooo!!!

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Published: Tuesday, 10 February, 2015; 02:11:07 PST.
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