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Episode 1119: Cell Division


It's good to be proud of your in-game achievements.


Lando: {into a wrist radio} Aide, meet us at corridor 1138.
Robot: Lobot, sir.
Leia: C-3PO, please inform Chewbacca that I'm not sharing a cell with him.
C-3PO: Chewbacca: Princess insists on sharing a cell with you.
Leia: Never mind. Lando, please inform—
Chewbacca: Oh don't pretend you didn't know. You just said you knew Han was a traitor. Ergo, you knew I was a traitor for months. Which makes you just as complicit as I.
Leia: That's different!
Chewbacca: As far as I could see you were just going along with him. What do you think I was doing?
C-3PO: If you knew Han was the traitor - which was a complete surprise to me, by the way - why didn't you turn him in earlier?
Leia: Because... there is good in him. I've felt it. The Empire hasn't driven it from him fully.
Chewbacca: You know there's good in him, or you want there to be good in him?
Leia: I... I don't know!
Leia: It doesn't matter, anyway! Now he's dead!
Han: {dead} Best death yet! All this roleplaying is really paying off.

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Published: Sunday, 16 November, 2014; 02:11:01 PST.
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