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Episode 1094: All in the Mind


One of the coolest things about roleplaying games is that you can take any genre and twist it in all sorts of unconventional ways. Take a fantasy campaign and add a crashed spaceship. Take an Arthurian campaign and add time travel. Take a Victorian era campaign and add space travel.

In fact, take any two (or more) genres and mix them. Vikings in cyberspace! Post-apocalyptic survival with high elves and hobbits! And dinosaurs!

(Actually, anything goes better with dinosaurs.)


Chewbacca: That should do it.
[SFX]: klik
C-3PO: Oh, my head's on backwards. This is grrreat!
Chewbacca: Do you want to tell me who shot you?
C-3PO: Nope!
C-3PO: Being shot is the grrreatest! Ha! Aha! Aha-ha-ha!
Chewbacca: Oh not this again.
Leia: Again?
Chewbacca: She was clowning around like this all last campaign.
C-3PO: Well, I was a clown.
Leia: I thought it was a crime-fighting campaign?
C-3PO: I was fighting the crime of sad children in hospital.
Chewbacca: It's a felony, you know.
Luke: I was a criminal psychologist. With super powers!
Leia: This sounds... unconventional.
Chewbacca: You don't say.

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Published: Thursday, 18 September, 2014; 03:11:01 PDT.
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