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Episode 1084: Lowering the Bar


Always be on the lookout for lucrative business opportunities.

Just because you're a superhero who goes around foiling supervillains doesn't mean you can't make a good sideline charging old ladies to get their cats down out of trees.


Lando: We've got some other guests today, but there's plenty of room in the dining lounge.
Lando: You might get some lucrative business opportunities out of this, if you play your cards right.
Lando: I hope you like space pears.
Lando: You'd be surprised how few visitors we get. We make most of our profits exporting exotic booze.
Leia: Speaking of booze, we're on a big pub crawl at the moment. What was our next location, Freddo?
Han: Dinner, wasn't it?
Leia: Screw it.
Leia: Lando, do you know what planet the Dagger Bar is on?
Lando: I don't know of any bar by that name. Unless you mean the swamp planet Dagobah?
Han: Nope!
Han: Wait, wait. Hear me out here. This might be crazy, but: What if the Dagger Bar is on the swamp planet Dagobah?

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Published: Tuesday, 26 August, 2014; 03:11:01 PDT.
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