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Episode 1017: Gruocho Marks


If you want to be a fun, jocular sort of GM and crack jokes during a game that all your players will laugh at...

Put the jokes in the mouth of an intimidating NPC superior.


Darth Vader: What do you want?
Palpatine: Still you have not learned control.
Palpatine: Do not forget, Lord Vader. I have dominion over your life support suit; you will kneel.
Darth Vader: {kneels} Yes, my master.
Palpatine: Strange dreams haunt my sleep; the insistent voice... A Force user.
Darth Vader: It is my daughter you sense.
Palpatine: She lives?
Darth Vader: The attack on Hoth was a failure, remember?
Palpatine: Attack... So much conflict; so much blood.
Palpatine: No matter how I wash, it won't come off.
Darth Vader: The people need a firm hand, my Lord.
Palpatine: Keep them away from laser swords, then; HA HA HA!
Darth Vader: Ha ha ha, my Lord.

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Published: Sunday, 23 March, 2014; 03:11:02 PDT.
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