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<     Episode 971: Only the Penitent Camel Shall Pass     >

Episode 971: Only the Penitent Camel Shall Pass


Players generally don't have practical knowledge of military or skirmish tactics, yet are expected to be able to play such encounters with a modicum of intelligence. Fortunately games tend to have more or less abstracted rules that let you just announce an intention to damage a target and then roll dice to see if your character can do it. But adding some roleplaying into a combat encounter can be additional fun and give you the chance to try out some unconventional tactics in a situation which isn't going to be dangerous as it would be in real life.

Rather than just say, "I hit the goblin with my sword", you can try, "I point behind the goblin and yell 'What's that?!', then use the end of my sword to tip the oil lamp hanging on the wall on to the pile of straw bedding." Or something to that effect. Much more interesting!


Luke: I harpoon a camel in the foot. 19, yeah!
[SFX]: kchunk
Wedge: Great shot, good buddy!
Luke: Wedge! I... thought you were in Scoundrel Squadron.
Wedge: Couldn't keep away from the action! Cool idea with the harpoon, but dunno if these T-47s have got enough juice to tow a camel very far.
Han: Fly around its neck! Garrotte it!
Luke: No, I'm going to... tether it to a big rock so it can't move.
C-3PO: That's not going to work. Fly around its legs!
Luke: But that's... Hmmm. Okay, what she said.
GM: Make a Pilot roll.
Luke: 14.
GM: The tank... um... <roll> trips over.
[SFX]: Kerrunch!!!
C-3PO: Yeah!! Just like when I'm walking Chewbacca!
Leia: Huh?
Chewbacca: Her dog.
Leia: You're named after the dog??
Chewbacca: Laugh it up, Princess.

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Published: Thursday, 05 December, 2013; 02:11:02 PST.
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