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Episode 925: Base Jumping


Sometimes you just have to lay low and hide until the heat is off.

Given how often PCs have the heat on them, you'd think they should be doing this a lot more than they seem to do...


Han: So, Princess. It sure is nice to have a secure hidden base here that the Empire doesn't know about.
Leia: Yeah, who'da thought blowing up their flagship superweapon would have stirred up such a Geonosians' nest?
Han: But we're safe here.
Han: By the way, I have to leave for a while.
Leia: What did we just talk about? Nobody leaves, nobody transmits, no exceptions. Until we figure out who the traitor is!
Han: You're still on that? Luke's really gotten to you.
Leia: I've been thinking about Luke a lot.
Han: You have?
Leia: The Peace Moon was on to our Yavin base right after we arrived. And they found Thila and Teardrop almost as quickly. Luke's right: It can't be a coincidence.
Han: Chewie's still putting the Falcon back together after Luke's last paranoid attempt to find a bug.
Leia: Look, you can't complain. We requisitioned three crates of duct tape just so you could put it back exactly the way it was.
Han: It was the wrong colour!

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Published: Tuesday, 20 August, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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