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Episode 853: In-Fight Entertainment


Any video gamer can shoot, of course.

Just don't tell them they need to take into account dexterity adjustments, target size adjustments, speed penalties, range penalties, weapon familiarity penalties, concealment and cover penalties, flinching penalties, recoil penalties, fanning penalties, thumbing penalties, rapid fire penalties, snap shot penalties, reload times, jams, black powder fouling, and the dozens of other things that can cause a shot to miss or a weapon to fail.

Let them find out about each one with experience.


Han: Hey ho, passengers! Enjoying the flight?
Han: Say... Can any of you operate a rear gun pod, by any chance?
Luke: Err...
Han: Just a little enemy fighter situation.
Luke: You need me to shoot? Now that I can do.
Leia: Use the Force, Luke, ya yellow-bellied bludger!

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Published: Tuesday, 05 March, 2013; 02:11:01 PST.
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