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Episode 794: Get Down, Party People


This is interesting from a roleplaying perspective. The scene shows an interaction with the PCs, but from the NPCs' point of view. Necessarily we have to run with that, since it's what we're given in the movie.

But you could potentially try something like this in a game. Have the PCs describe their actions, then resolve the situation and describe it back to the players from the point of view of the NPCs. I don't know how this would work in practice, but it's be an intriguing experiment, and might be fun.


[SFX]: thud! thud!
Han: {off panel, inside ship} Hey guys, lots of champagne in here!
Clone Trooper 1: But we're on duty.
Clone Trooper 2: We are the welcoming crew. Arguably, it is our duty.
Clone Trooper 1: Good enough for me. {they go in}
[SFX]: thud! thud!
{Gantry Officer Pol Treidum in the guard room overlooking the ship hangar}
Pol Treidum: Oh for crying out...
Pol Treidum: Guys, what do I keep telling you about partying in the tourist ships?
{Luke emerges from ship in trooper uniform}
Luke: Er, sorry, boss. We... uh...
Pol Treidum: I'll be right down. There better be some space-pineapple juice left for me.
{door opens, a trooper and Chewbacca are there}
Pol Treidum: Wow, you guys!
Pol Treidum: A Wookiee-gram! You shouldn't ha—

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Published: Thursday, 18 October, 2012; 03:11:02 PDT.
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