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Episode 759: 0-0


This is a bit of a meta-annotation. Judging from reader comments in various places, this is definitely the single most anticipated scene for our comic, in the entire six movies. There have been dozens of theories about how we would approach this scene - we've read many of them. The most common were variants on the GM initially declaring that Greedo (a green-skinned alien) shot first, followed by an argument over initiative bonuses that leads to him declaring that, okay, Han (the human) actually shot first.

While this is amusing, we didn't want to do something that many of you were expecting. We actually had about a dozen different ideas for how to run this scene - and we may show some of them to you later on.

We've never been about doing "the obvious joke". You can all imagine the obvious gags well enough for yourselves. We wanted to give you something completely unexpected. Thus... Jim's character.

We hope this take gives you something you never expected to get out of this scene. And we hope to keep subverting your expectations for another two and a half movies. :-)

EDIT: We should clarify this slightly. This is such an iconic scene that it became a target for our writing very early on. Way back in 2007, shortly after we began work on Episode I, we wrote about a dozen different versions of this scene. As we worked on our long term plotting, we settled on one that we figured would be less obvious and more surprising than most. We did not pick it in response to reader speculation - it was set in stone much earlier than any of that. We don't change our plot in response to reader comments.

We know not everyone will like the path we chose. But that would have been true no matter what we did. We decided the best thing to do was to be true to our own vision of our story.


Han Solo: Let me get this straight: You want to hire my ship, pretend you're the captain, some Wookiee is the mate, I have to lose to you at space chess... and I still have to fly the damned thing.
Greedo: Si!
Han Solo: I got news for you, kid. Nobody captains the Millennium Falcon but Han Solo.
Greedo: Thatta canna be arranged.
[SFX]: Pow! {Greedo shoots Han Solo}
[SFX]: thud {Han Solo slumps onto the table, dead}
{Greedo leaves, tosses the bartender some money}
Greedo: Sorry about the mess, kiddo.
Wuher: Whu are yoo callin' kiddo, laddie?!

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Published: Sunday, 29 July, 2012; 03:11:01 PDT.
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