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Episode 752: None More Loud


Music can be a good way to set the scene in a game.

And if you have control over the volume, can be an effective way to stop everyone chatting about last week's Doctor Who episode and get their attention back on the game.


Trooper 1: Hey, check out this hovercar. Does that look like...?
Trooper 2: Yep. Yep, it does.
Trooper 1: The driver can't be far.
C-3PO: Uh oh.
R2-D2: Just a sec. I'm trying to log into the remains of my dreadnought... I mean, Mos Eisley. I need to see what's left of the command system.
C-3PO: I think they're on to us.
R2-D2: If I can just activate a weapons system. Any weapons system...
GM: Hmmm. Roll.
R2-D2: 12. Remember I have 18 ranks in Hacking.
GM: You access some controls, but you're not—
R2-D2: I activate it. 11!
{shot of cantina exterior; music gets much louder}
Trooper 1: That is definitely over local ordinance levels.
Trooper 2: Let's go.
{beat, 3PO looks at R2}
R2-D2: What? They're not after us any more.
{in background, music grows softer again}

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Published: Thursday, 12 July, 2012; 03:11:01 PDT.
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