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Episode 717: At Least it's a Two-Handed Weapon


Exotic hand-to-hand weapons are a staple of science fiction.

In fact, if the characters in your game are running around with any sort of weapon that can actually attack from a distance, then your campaign probably isn't science-fictiony enough.


C-3PO: I karate chop the nearest Sand Person!
C-3PO: And roll... 1.
C-3PO: And fall over!
GM: Okay Corey, it's your turn.
Adam: I attack!
GM: You're currently wielding a pair of binoculars.
R2-D2: Maybe one of us should have made a hand-to-hand combat character.
Adam: Er... I duck!
GM: Roll against your Dodge score.
Adam: 5.
[SFX]: Wham!!
R2-D2: I don't suppose I can see my dreadnought from here?
GM: You roll desperately from side to side. You <roll>... get hit and <roll>... oooh, pass out. Tough dice.
GM: The Sand Person ululates triumphantly over your prone body.
[SFX]: Hurr-uurgh-uurgh-uurgh!!
Adam: Damn. Lost the fight. Where's my last autosave?

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Published: Sunday, 22 April, 2012; 03:11:01 PDT.
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