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Episode 696: Come Aboard, We're Expecting You


Young people these days. Mention "roleplaying games" to them, and the first thing they think of is a computer. This has progressed so far that games of the original style now have to be referred to as "traditional" or "tabletop" or "pen and paper" roleplaying games, just to make sure there's no confusion.

This is a natural evolution of language, and similar things have been happening to English for hundreds of years. Rather than lament this fact, use the same principle in your games!

Blacksmith {when a PC returns a sword that broke in a fight against some goblins}: Oh, you mean you wanted a non-practice sword?
Armourer: Well, you didn't ask for steel plate armour.
High Cleric: Oh, you should have specified a magical healing potion!


R2-D2: Hey everyone. This is my nephew Corey.
GM: Nice to meet you. Pete told me you were keen to try our game.
R2-D2: And this is Jim, Annie, and Sally.
Corey: Cool. I look forward to pwning all of you. Where are the computers?
GM: No computers. This is it.
Corey: Lol, what? Pete said we were playing a roleplaying game.
Leia: We are. It's like improvisational theatre.
Leia: You know, a play, but without a script.
C-3PO: You just say what you want to do. With your face.
R2-D2: And your stats are all on this piece of paper.
Corey: But where's the graphics?
C-3PO: Oh my goodness. So immature.
Corey: Hey, I'm a year older than you.
C-3PO: Girls mature faster than boys. Known fact, dorkhead.

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Published: Sunday, 04 March, 2012; 12:01:34 PST.
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