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Episode 629: Goggle+


It's important, as a Game Master, that you look out for the safety of your players.

Yes, that means serving your special extra, extra hot chili is a bad idea.


R2-D2: All right, clear the table. When you roll this die, make sure it lands on this steel tray.
GM: Are you serious?
Padmé: At last! I saw Pete's blueprints for this. This is going to be awesome!
Yoda: So that's what's in that case you bring to every game?
GM: You're not rolling that... thing... inside the house.
R2-D2: Wimp. Okay, everyone outside!
Anakin: Are you for real?
Padmé: Yes. Yes, he is.
R2-D2: Annie, put on these rubber gloves.
Anakin: O-kaaay...
R2-D2: And these goggles. Here, goggles for everyone.
GM: Wait! You both have Fate Manipulation rerolls—
Anakin: No. Manipulation is what led us here.
Obi-Wan: True. Let's cut to the chase.
R2-D2: Good. There's no rerolling this baby.
Obi-Wan: Surely that die can't be balanced.
R2-D2: But it doesn't need to be! That's the beauty of a one-shot die like this. I rolled other dice to assign the numbers to sides, so even if there is a bias it's still a random result.
Obi-Wan: I'm still not convinced you haven't primed it to kill Obi-Wan.
GM: I'm more worried about it killing us.

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Published: Sunday, 02 October, 2011; 03:33:53 PDT.
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