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Episode 623: A Series of Tubes


United States politics would much later (in a galaxy far, far away from these scenes) adopt similar rules of civilised discussion. For gaming purposes, consider including formal rules for personal combat in your game world's political system. What could possibly go wrong?


Palpatine: {off screen} —had been concerned about my role in the Senate—
{Yoda falls to the Senate floor}
[SFX]: fall...
[SFX]: Wham!
[SFX]: Roll!
Palpatine: {off screen} —the Jedi Council already had a regular pre-booked fortnightly meeting in which to voice— {voice fading out}
Yoda: {crawling through a tube} Terrible, this is. Behind everything, Anakin is. Blind we have been.
Yoda: I have to go help Obi-Wan!
Yoda: {into radio} Senator Organa, come and pick me up!
Bail Organa: You talkin' to me? What am I, your taxi driver?
{Yoda exits the Senate, into Bail Organa's car}
Yoda: I have to talk with Palpatine later, sort all this out.
Bail Organa: Dude, you two were just tryin' to waste each other.
Yoda: It was a civilised discussion!

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Published: Thursday, 15 September, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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