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Episode 621: Fallibuster


That scrape of nails on metal... aaiiieeee...

And remember that blackboard scene from Jaws? Double aaaiiieeeeee!!!

Which of course suggests that to get attention during a game you should have a recording of nails scraping against a blackboard handy. Just play that at max volume next time your players are quoting Monty Python instead of paying attention to the game!


{Palpatine is trying to Force Drain Yoda}
[SFX]: Kzzrkzzzkk!
Yoda: Uh uh... not angry. See?
Palpatine: Anakin warned me about the Jedi Council's grab for power.
Yoda: Anakin warned us about you!
[SFX]: Kzzrkzz...
{Yoda repels the Force Drain, causing an explosive effect, pushing them apart; Yoda falls and grabs a Senate box with one hand}
[SFX]: plummet
Palpatine: You're weak; you Jedi were all weak. That's why you fell.
Yoda: No. I fell deliberately! You'll never catch me!
Palpatine: No, I meant metaphorically; the Jedi proved to be traitors which, in my view, indicates a certain lack of moral fibre.
Palpatine: Though obviously if there were ethical concerns with my leadership that might account for a broad dissatisfaction; be that as it may, it would have seemed more productive to talk to me about it instead of—
Yoda: Wait... Anakin warned me about Obi-Wan too... That means Anakin must be...
[SFX]: skkkrreee... {Yoda's nails scrape the metal of the box and he falls}
Palpatine: Where are you going? I haven't finished explaining!

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Published: Sunday, 11 September, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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