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Episode 563: Tried and Trusted


900 years old, Yoda is. He gets tired easily.

At that age you probably go to bed at 5pm and get up at 3am.


Anakin: You must give the order, Chancellor.
Palpatine: Yes... Yes, of course.
Palpatine: Go arrest all the Jedi in the Temple; take the 501st Legion with you.
Anakin: You mean kill them.
Palpatine: No. There may be innocents among them; each one will be tried.
Anakin: Very well. But the clones cannot safely capture the Jedi in the field. Their minds are too malleable.
Palpatine: I shall give the necessary order to the clone commanders.
Palpatine: Anakin...?
Anakin: Yes, Chancellor?
Palpatine: You... wouldn't tell anyone about the Peace Moon, would you?
Anakin: That would be disloyal. I despise disloyalty.
Palpatine: Oh; that's good to know.
GM: It's getting really late. Call it a night?
Yoda: Scoop! Gamers finally notice child prodigy packed, ready to go!

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Published: Thursday, 28 April, 2011; 03:11:02 PDT.
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