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Episode 511: The Lady Doth Protest, A Bit


It's important to get feedback when trying to develop your in-character roleplaying skills. So make sure to ask your fellow players and GM frequently how you're going.


Anakin: I'm worried about the Senate's attitude to the Jedi Council.
Padmé: Ah, you'll be happy to know I'm making progress there.
Anakin: You are?
Padmé: Yeah, I'm leading a group of Senators in forming a protest group.
Padmé: We're concerned about the blatant lack of response to the Naboo invasion.
Anakin: That's... very interesting.
Padmé: You like it?
Anakin: Yes. Someone needs to stand up to the Senate and do the right thing. I'm glad it's you.
Padmé: Cool.
Padmé: So am I improving? I mean, I know in the game you ran there wasn't much opportunity for roleplaying between all of the monster killing.
Padmé: So I've been saving it all up for now.
Anakin: {hugs Padmé} Yes Jim. Your roleplaying has improved.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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