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Episode 506: Curious Posers


Sometimes during a game there are just no answers.


Obi-Wan: What really happened on Dookû's ship while I was unconscious?
Anakin: What really happened when you and Dookû were talking on Geonosis?
Obi-Wan: And what made you think Yoda has become unstable?
Yoda: Why is everyone asking so many questions?
R2-D2: While we're asking, what happened at the restaurant between you and Jim?
Anakin: Why did you have to leave the last session so urgently?
Padmé: Are we still in character here?
R2-D2: Will you answer my question if I answer yours?
Anakin: Are you going to investigate Palpatine's connections to the Sith?
Yoda: Why is nobody answering anyone's questions?
Obi-Wan: Do you really think Palpatine is an evil kind of personality?
Palpatine: {flashback} ... Well in that case, would cucumbers and sliced egg offset the saltiness of the kippers to your satisfaction?
General Grievous: {flashback} Would doves cry?

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Published: Sunday, 25 September, 2011; 03:01:08 PDT.
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