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Episode 273: Degriefing


In order to make this comic, we had to watch this scene. Over and over.

Multiple times.

Full speed and in slow motion.

And frame by frame.

Forwards and in reverse.

I estimate I watched this scene about 50 times in the couple of weeks leading up to the production and finalisation of this strip.

Don't ever say what we do is easy.


{Anakin and Padmé are sitting in a field. There are waterfalls in the background.}
Anakin: These waterfalls - see how unnatural they look. More of the changes brought on by the missing tides.
Padmé: Hmmm. I'm beginning to get the idea that we need to find those Peace Moon plans.
Anakin: You know, Jim, at the start of the adventure you really were acting a bit...
Padmé: Like a jerk?
Anakin: Uh, kind of.
Padmé: You noticed!
Anakin: Um... it was hard to miss. You were bossing people around and being generally obnoxious.
Padmé: Yes, that's what Senators do! I'm working on improving my roleplaying.
Anakin: Oh! Well, that's... actually kind of interesting.
Padmé: I'd been thinking about you— I mean, what you did with Shmi.
Padmé: She stayed behind even though it didn't help us at all. That's what roleplaying's about, right?
Anakin: So that's what you're doing with Padmé. Being unhelpful.
Padmé: Exactly!
Anakin: Um. A complex character like yours must have a softer side. Maybe you should explore that.
Anakin: From now on.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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