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Episode 262: Speculation Bubble


I'll tell you what I know: You can never remind your players too often what they should actually be doing, as opposed to what they think they should be doing at any given point during an adventure. Be subtle and do it in character though.

No, wait, that'll never work. Don't be subtle. Hit them over the head with it.

No, wait, that'll never work.

Eh... just learn to live with it. You'll save yourself a lot of trouble.


{The royal audience chamber on Naboo}
Queen Jamillia: It's good to see you again, Senator Ami—
Padmé: Bubble! You traitorous wretch!
Sio Bibble: Sorry, Senator?
Sio Bibble: I've been a loyal servant of Naboo for over ten years. And hopefully for many more to come.
Padmé: Over my dead body! Arrest this man!
Queen Jamillia: Nobody's arresting anyone without my authority. We're here to discuss your search for the Peace Moon plans.
Padmé: At least let me torture him. I can find out what he knows.
Sio Bibble: I'll tell you what I know. The Moon is needed for maintaining good relations with the Gungans.
Anakin: We need to understand why someone would steal the plans. We should see who benefits from the status quo.
Padmé: Right! And when we find that evidence, you're doomed, Bubble!
Anakin: Let's start with a tour of the provinces.
Queen Jamillia: Excellent idea, Master Jedi.
Anakin: Oh, I'm but a mere Padawan, Your Highness.
Padmé: Yeah, I'm in charge. We'll do that tour thing.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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