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Episode 180: Minus Seven and the Ragged Tiger


Some game systems use hit points as a means of tracking physical damage to your character. Often, when you reach 0 hit points, you fall unconscious. Various rules then take over governing whether you recover or die. One popular option is to track hit points into negative numbers, to represent bleeding or other ongoing loss of vitality, with death occurring at some number such as -10.


Obi-Wan: So you weren't out to kill us?
Darth Maul: What? No. I'm on the trail of the Lost Orb. I'd have nailed it a lot earlier if you boobs hadn't been larking around for a week on that desert planet.
Darth Maul: I finally tracked you down but—
Obi-Wan: {realising} We thought you were a bounty hunter...
Qui-Gon: {dying} Working for Bubble!
Darth Maul: No no no, I work for Senator Palpatine.
Obi-Wan: We're on the same side...
Darth Maul: And now you've ruined everything!
Obi-Wan: Why are we hanging around here then? We need to go stop the Trade Federation blowing up the moon!
Darth Maul: You schmuck. It's too late now! You're a Jedi; didn't you feel that disturbance in the Force a minute ago?
Obi-Wan: I must have been distracted by you killing my master.
Qui-Gon: I'm still on -7 hit points. Hey, can I Summon...
Qui-Gon: No wait, I punch him in the foot!
GM: While you're unconscious and bleeding?
Qui-Gon: It's a reflex.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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