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Episode 134: The Royal Throne


There are some things that the vast majority of roleplayers never mention in their games, despite them being something we each have to do at more or less frequent intervals. But being the good actor she is, Annie is all too willing to use Anakin's nervousness in an awkward situation to its full potential by highlighting this.

Next time you want to spice up a game session, spring this little bit of character roleplaying on your GM. And then complain if you don't get an extra XP award for good roleplaying.


Anakin: I'd like to see Padmé, if I could.
Rabé: I'm sorry, Anakin. Padmé is not here right now.
Queen Amidala: {off screen} Who is it?
Rabé: Anakin, to see Padmé, Your Highness.
Queen Amidala: {appearing} I've sent Padmé on an errand.
Anakin: Oh. I... really need to see her before I go to the Jedi Council.
Queen Amidala: I can give her a message for you.
Anakin: No! I... Where is she?
Queen Amidala: Um. Anything you can tell Padmé, you can tell to me, Anakin.
Anakin: Uh... okay...
Anakin: I need <whisper whisper whisper> before I go.
Queen Amidala: Oh! I see. It's two doors down on the right.

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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