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Episode 131: Sour Relations, or "Tell Me More, Tell Me More"


At some point it becomes necessary for someone to fill in the new player on what's happened in the game already, and what the characters' mission is actually supposed to be - as opposed to all the random running around and fighting and stuff that has happened since the player joined the game. At times like this, it pays to ask the most sensible player in the group what the story is.


{Jar Jar and Anakin discuss matters as they are taken with Queen Amidala's retinue from the landing platform to a waiting room outside Senator Palpatine's office}
Jar Jar: ... and then wesa hiding from da big sandstorm in yousa house, and yousa know da rest.
Anakin: This Lost Orb sounds cool. What does it do?
Jar Jar: It'sa very powerful. It protects wesa underwater city from da giant fishes.
Anakin: Hmmm. If Palpatine knows something about the Orb, why hasn't he told you anything about it?
Jar Jar: Hesa not even met mesa before.
Anakin: You're the last quester for the Orb, right? And Palpatine is the senator for Naboo. Surely he's heard of you.
Jar Jar: Theysa not liking us much. Wesa... eats them sometimes.
Anakin: Oh. That's a bit tasteless.
Jar Jar: Not if yousa has da right sauce!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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