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Episode 106: Drag and Drop


The whole pod race sequence was difficult for us to write. Of course, you all know that Anakin wins the race. There wasn't much we could really do to mess with that, so we were restricted to playing around with how he got there. Building suspense is really hard when you know that the audience knows in advance how things will turn out.

So we used the race scenes to address some of the logical and plotting problems of the race sequence in the movie, to advance our own metaplot, and finally to try to create some new tension and suspense that wasn't present in the original. It was a tall order, but we're pleased with how it has come together.


GM: You've just caught up with Sebulba, but you're completely out of power.
[SFX]: wubwubwubwub
Anakin: I swing the pod sideways and ram him.
GM: Um... sorry?
Qui-Gon: That's exactly what I'd do!
Anakin: 16.
GM: Okay... roll for ramming damage. But it won't be enough to disable his pod.
Anakin: That's okay. I just want to latch on.
R2-D2: Ooooooh.
[SFX]: < bee-oop! >
GM: The pods are entangled. His is dragging yours along.
Anakin: Force Manipulation, Level 1. What's the range on that?
GM: Two metres, why?
Anakin: When I see the grandstands, I snap his right engine cable and detach my pod.
[SFX]: {Sebulba's pod goes out of control and one engine slams into a sand dune, spraying sand and parts everywhere} PAFFF!!
[SFX]: {Sebulba's pod explodes} FAKOOOMM!!
GM: Let me calculate this... oooh!
GM: You just coast over the finish line!
GM: The crowd goes bananas!
R2-D2: I'm in love.

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Published: Sunday, 25 September, 2011; 02:54:32 PDT.
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