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<     Episode 1506: Once in a Kablooey Moon     >

Episode 1506: Once in a Kablooey Moon


Often the big battle is effectively over before all the enemy troops are incapacitated. Think about what these guys end up doing on the battlefield after the conflict is decided and there's only mopping up left to be done. Some will flee, some will wander around in bewilderment, some will offer to join the victors. Or simply pretend to be part of the victory celebration and hope nobody looks too closely.

Hey, free party!


Chewbacca: It appears our colleagues have succeeded in their mission. Most agreeable.
Ewoc 1: Ooh... pretty...
Ewoc 2: Oooh...
Ewoc 3: Aaah...
Wicket: Don't look directly at the light! I'll sell you some viewing glasses!
Clone Trooper 1: Is it supposed to do that?
Clone Trooper 2: Looks like Lord Vader approved the increased fireworks budget for Life Day.

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Published: Sunday, 07 May, 2017; 03:11:03 PDT.
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