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Episode 1488: Hook, Tie-in, and Linker


Indeed, you can never have too many dangling plot hooks. Try to generate at least two for every one resolved!


Yoda's voice: Protect you we must until this place we leave.
Luke: We? The ascended Jedi... they're all here? Why didn't they help me earlier?
Yoda's voice: Too strong Anakin was, until drained by Palpatine's power.
Luke: How could one be stronger than so many?
Yoda's voice: As your father, it was his link to you that was strong. Possess anyone else, he could not... try though he might.
Luke: So... Princess is vulnerable too?
Yoda's voice: Hrmm. A possibility, it is.
Chewbacca: Great, yet another dangling plot hook.
GM: You can never have too many!

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Published: Sunday, 26 March, 2017; 03:11:03 PDT.
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