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<     Episode 1396: I'd Like to Cry a Valjean     >

Episode 1396: I'd Like to Cry a Valjean


And so turns the wheel of fortune...


[SFX]: Psshhh-chnk {door closes as troopers take Luke away; Vader is left alone}
Darth Vader: {singing} What have I done? Sweet Jar Jar, what have I done?
Darth Vader: Become destroyer of worlds, become a saviour to none.
Darth Vader: And have I fallen so far, and is the hour so late
Darth Vader: That nothing remains but the cry of my hate?
Darth Vader: Yet why should I allow this boy, to touch my soul and teach me love?
Darth Vader: He raised a new hope like no other. He gave me his trust. He called me mother.
Darth Vader: Yet I am trapped, my soul encased. I can't break free.
Darth Vader: For I have come to hate this world. This world that always hated me.

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Published: Tuesday, 23 August, 2016; 03:11:03 PDT.
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