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Episode 1368: And Get a Free* Set of Smeerp Spears


There are times to fight, and there are times to think about pretending to go along quietly before attacking by surprise.


Paploo: If you can't pay for the meat now, come to our Path to Profit seminar, and we can put you on an easy repayment plan.
Luke: Look, we did touch the meat.
Han: Shhhh!
R2-D2: And they have us outnumbered. And somewhat outmanoeuvred.
Han: Nah. Those sharpened sticks would only do a d4 damage at most.
Luke: I think we should do the right thing and go along with them. This is their world, after all. It's only just.
Yoda's voice: Ding!
Luke: Cool. I was pretty sure about the opposite of injustice.
Teebo: Yeah. Listen to your buddy 'ere. Save yeselves some pain.
Bearded Ewoc: Come along quietly in the next five minutes and save 25%.

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Published: Sunday, 19 June, 2016; 03:11:01 PDT.
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