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Episode 1350: Without Prejudice


Never miss an opportunity to brag about your achievements within a game.

Also never miss an opportunity to cut someone down to size if they're bragging. Ah, in-game banter!


GM: Luke, you return to the clearing.
Luke: You guys should have seen that action! Troopers neutralised, base located—
R2-D2: Princess missing?
[SFX]: < pop-doip boop-deep-dooby ping >
Luke: She didn't make it back yet? She clearly isn't as awesome as me.
Luke: I hope she's okay.
Yoda's voice: Pride you can have, without totally obnoxious being.
Luke: Oh, pride? I thought it was boastfulness. Or maybe arrogance.
Yoda's voice: Path to the Light Side it is, not Path to the Jerk Side.

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Published: Sunday, 08 May, 2016; 03:11:06 PDT.
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