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Episode 1285: Skiffhanger


A weapon between old friends lets them see each other plain.


[SFX]: slthphtlpthlp...
Lando: Argh! It's got my foot!
Chewbacca: Here, Han, this might help.
Han: A blaster! Now we're talking.
{Han aims gun at Lando}
Lando: Oh. That does put a damper on our relationship.
Han: Now you'll see what kind of guy I really am. I'll do what must be done!
Lando: No! Men like you can always change!
Han: Let's discuss that.
Han: But first...
Lando: Nooooo!!!
[SFX]: Pow!! {Han shoots}

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Published: Tuesday, 08 December, 2015; 02:11:16 PST.
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