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Episode 1212: 'Scuse Me, Why Like this Disguise?


When thinking of ways to disguise your character in a game, consider this option! If you're a short thin female, disguise yourself as a tall fat man disguised as a short thin female! Nobody will suspect a thing.


Luke: Jabba thinks Han owes him money. The auction is probably of Han's frozen body. We should bid for it.
Leia: That actually makes sense. Chewie, we're going in. In disguise - Boba Fett saw us on Cloud City.
Chewbacca: What disguise can I wear?
Leia: You can pretend to be... a human dressed as a Wookiee. Jabba seems to like men dressed in exotic costumes.
Chewbacca: So... You want me to disguise myself as a Wookiee-gram?
R2-D2: Genius!

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Published: Sunday, 21 June, 2015; 03:11:10 PDT.
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