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Episode 1137: Blast/Off


Seriously, if any players in your game try something this lame-brained, you should let them hit and take out a critical system.


{Leia, Chewbacca, and Lando race to the landing platform, only to arrive too late and see Boba's ship take off}
[SFX]: Pow! Pow! Pow! {Chewbacca shoots at the departing ship}
{R2 arrives late}
R2-D2: All right, I'm here, we can start this rescue now.
[SFX]: < doop fidooby bizz beep bip >
Chewbacca: Quick catch up: We ran to the landing platform too late to save Han from the bounty hunter and, for reasons which now seem ridiculous to me, began shooting at his ship as it flew away.
R2-D2: It's what Han would have wanted.
[SFX]: < boodoot blip-doip pip-whir >

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Published: Sunday, 28 December, 2014; 02:11:01 PST.
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