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<     Episode 1111: Am I Ever Gonna Trust Your Face Again?     >

Episode 1111: Am I Ever Gonna Trust Your Face Again?


Being betrayed is never easy. Well, the actual being betrayed part is easy - you don't have to do anything except be vulnerable to betrayal. And have friends who are scum of the Earth and would sell their own grandmother for a quick buck, but who you trust implicitly. And not notice that they're up to something until it's too late.

Okay, so it's not exactly like falling off a log. It's not easy at all. Which is where we started!


Luke: Wait, wait, wait...
Luke: Han was the traitor??
R2-D2: Yeah, I thought it was that Wedge guy!
Luke: Maybe it's both of them.
R2-D2: It should have been an NPC. This is like... a betrayal.
GM: Being betrayed is like a betrayal?
R2-D2: Being betrayed by a PC is!
Han: Relax. It's just roleplaying, right? The cool stuff Annie did with Anakin, made me realise I didn't always have to play a good guy.
GM: Jim and I worked out his character background and motivations, and he's been playing the part brilliantly.
R2-D2: You not only betrayed us, but you did it for pointless reasons?
Han: I got bonus XP. And tons of loot.
R2-D2: How can we ever trust you again when you say you have a plan?
Chewbacca: When did we ever?

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Published: Tuesday, 28 October, 2014; 03:11:01 PDT.
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