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Episode 1095: Out of Shape


Planning is all well and good. Don't forget that one of the most important parts of making a plan is informing your colleagues in time for them to stop you if it happens to be an astoundingly bad plan.


Clone Trooper: Into the cell, you slime-ridden piece of filth!
[SFX]: Thud! {troopers throw Han on the floor}
Han: I told them I wasn't a shapeshifter! I even proved it by not shapeshifting!
Chewbacca: Why would anyone think you're a shapeshifter? Apart from stealing the identity of one?
Han: <groan>
Chewbacca: I would not normally point this out, but the irony is rather delicious, you know.
Han: Why didn't you stop me?
Chewbacca: By the time I was aware of your plans, you'd already shot the poor chap and we were fleeing for our lives to Naboo. In his ship.
Han: What's your point?

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Published: Sunday, 21 September, 2014; 03:11:01 PDT.
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