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Episode 1059: Where Everyone Knows Your Name


Naming things in a fictional universe can be really difficult.

Just recite that sentence when anyone complains about the names you come up with.


Leia: This drunk friend of yours, does he have a name?
Han: Orlan... Dough.
GM: Orlando?
Han: Lando, yeah, that's even better.
Leia: Where is he?
Han: Um... the planet... Orb... o' Spin.
GM: Wait... let me write that down. Orbespin?
Han: Yeah, Bespin is better.
GM: Right, I'm gonna have to map a whole new planet, and it's getting late. Reconvene tomorrow?
C-3PO: Oooh, what land type will it be this time? We've had desert, swamp, ice, ocean, sinkhole...
GM: I promise, there won't be one type of land on this planet.
{Boba Fett watches the Falcon depart, and follows}

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Published: Sunday, 29 June, 2014; 03:11:02 PDT.
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