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<     Episode 1025: Would You Like Flies With That?     >

Episode 1025: Would You Like Flies With That?


Recipes provide plenty of scope for customising with game-related terms. When the PCs take a meal at a local inn or remote space outpost, be sure to describe the exotic ingredients and dishes available.

The more "ick"s in the reactions, the better!


Yoda: The milk, then?
Luke: If I can be as powerful as you're saying, then I don't need to hide any more.
Yoda: ooo-OOO-ooh! The stew, then! Enjoy it, you will.
Luke: Not if it's anything like the blue milk.
Yoda: No! Better, it is! Yes, yes.
Yoda: Maggot droppings, puree of purella, bogwing guano, butcherbug belly, and arachne poop. And some other things which are just gross. And classified.
R2-D2: Wait. You mean...
Yoda: Yes. Obi-Wan's original recipe of eleven secret turds and spiders, it is!
Chewbacca: Oh. My. Splanch.

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