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Episode 927: Rebel's Yell


Vampyrates, yeah. Apparently both vampirates and vampyrates are already things. We didn't realise this when we wrote this strip. Still, neither of those appear to be on fire. Or in space. Or on fire, in space. So Jim's version is still way cooler.


Han: Anyway, what would I be jealous of? Your little Rebellion? Maybe I'll go start my own Rebellion!
Han: With pirate ships! And vampires! On fire!
Han: Vampyrates!
Leia: That's not how you run a resistance!
Leia: We need to engage the will of the Galaxy, not plunder it.
Leia: Train soldiers and ambassadors, rebuild our fleet, and—
Han: Boooring!
Han: We've been holed up on this ice cube for two whole years.
Leia: Exactly! Nobody's left, and we haven't been found! Now you want to ruin that?
Han: Wait. You think I'm the traitor?
Leia: Look, nobody suspects you. The Rebellion would have been over long ago if it wasn't for you. We even gave you a medal.
Han: Which I can't sell!

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Published: Sunday, 25 August, 2013; 03:11:01 PDT.
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