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Episode 870: Ball of Steal


Fight or flight are often the two primary options available when PCs get into a sticky situation. Run from danger, or confront the danger and fight for your very life.

Typically, PCs will choose to fight, because getting into cool combats is what many games are about. If the game leans towards realism and danger, and the players are appropriately wary, they may choose to flee. The best players may think of a third option. Why fight or run when you can steal everything?


General Dodonna: To counter prevailing conditions we need to leverage—
Han: I say we just cut our winnings and run.
Chewbacca: I concur most heartily.
Leia: We can't evacuate Yavin 4 fast enough. The Rebellion will be destroyed. We need to stand and fight.
Luke: What firepower do we have?
General Dodonna: Our primary assets consist of—
Gold Leader: Four squadrons of small one-man fighters. 32 all up.
General Dodonna: Er. What he said.
Luke: Against the Peace Moon? This should be fun!
Leia: We need to torpedo the thermal exhaust port.
R2-D2: Now wait a minute. We should consider all possibilities. Like capturing the Moon.
Leia: How the heck do you propose we do that, trashcan?
R2-D2: You saw the crew. They're almost all clones. And Obi-Wan worked out their weakness.
Han: Yeah! They're incredibly easy to steal loot from.

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Published: Sunday, 14 April, 2013; 03:11:02 PDT.
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