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Episode 748: Monky Business


Never forget that a character Disadvantage isn't actually a disadvantage unless it comes into play. Preferably at random times when the player least expects it.

Because they'll certainly never let you forget the Advantages they got with the character points.


Wuher: Och! We dinnae sarve his kind here!
Luke: What?
Wuher: Yer druid. It'll have to wait ootside. We dinnae want him here, ye ken?
Obi-Wan: I'm not a druid. I'm a... monk.
Wuher: Nae, laddie! Tha wee metal druid, 'e's on oor blacklist.
R2-D2: What, me?
R2-D2: How come?!
GM: You took a -2 Reputation to get a periscope, remember?
C-3PO: I'll wait outside with you.
R2-D2: Thanks Threepio. We'll watch through the window.
GM: It's too high up for you.
R2-D2: Oh dear. If only I had some... device which lets me... see over barriers taller than—
GM: Okay, okay.

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Published: Tuesday, 03 July, 2012; 14:46:52 PDT.
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