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Episode 559: The Power of Sith


Any character worth their salt can use a personal army. But be very careful about handing them out as treasure.

I think they were available as a 2% chance on the random miscellaneous items table under Treasure Type Q, or something.

You could end up with a Hero With a Thousand Soldiers.


Palpatine: What was Master Windu talking about before he died?
Anakin: Nute Gunray is clearly behind a Jedi conspiracy against the Republic.
Palpatine: This... is most disturbing.
Anakin: Gunray used his Sith powers to infiltrate the Jedi Order and recruit followers.
Anakin: Your arrest was to be the first stage of their coup.
Palpatine: Are you sure?
Anakin: Trust me. They tried to recruit me. I didn't fully understand at the time.
Anakin: Didn't you ever wonder why Yoda kicked me out of the Order on trumped up charges? Even though I saved Senator Amidala?
Palpatine: Suppose you are right. How could they hope to prevail against the will of the Republic? The people would rebel.
Anakin: Remember Yoda personally took delivery of the clone army from Kamino.
Anakin: Why would the Jedi need an army?
Anakin: The biggest army in the Galaxy?
R2-D2: I'm not sure that's even a valid question.

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Published: Tuesday, 19 April, 2011; 03:11:01 PDT.
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