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<     Episode 352: Disappointing Denouement of Initial Combat Encounter Sequence     >

Episode 352: Disappointing Denouement of Initial Combat Encounter Sequence


If the dice say you can't kill one of the player's characters, there's nothing to say you can't destroy some of their vital equipment instead.

It's not petty. It's realistic.


Anakin: So... does the blade hit me or not?
Pete: You dodge it by the merest fraction of a hair.
[SFX]: Slice!
Pete: But it neatly bisects your laser sword, which <roll>... fails to explode.
Anakin: Lucky I have an astromech droid I can order to repair it.
Pete: Hmm. Speaking of R2-D2's awesomeness, he hacks the factory computer and frees your arm.
Anakin: Where's Padmé?
Pete: She's just been surrounded by several of the flying creatures.
Padmé: Attack!
Anakin: No, you're defenceless! Wait for me.
Pete: You're defenceless too.
Pete: Furthermore, you've used up 8 rounds since the first flying creature sounded the alarm so <roll>...
Pete: Six advanced combat droids appear. And Jango Fett.
Padmé: Finally.
Padmé: Quick, Mango! Take out the robots!
Anakin: You do know he's a bad guy?
Padmé: Huh. Are you sure?

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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