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Episode 276: Gloat 'n' Free


Never underestimate the value of having an army to back you up.

Although there are some tropes you simply cannot violate in a gaming situation. Now that simply wouldn't be fair.


Obi-Wan: Now that you've told me all this, what's to stop me from just arresting you right now?
Jango Fett: I have Lama Su wrapped around my finger.
Jango Fett: When I give the word he'll imprison you here forever.
Obi-Wan: Him and whose army?
{shot of clone army}
Obi-Wan: Oh. Right.
Jango Fett: I'm off to implement my plan.
Jango Fett: I'll give you ten minutes.
Jango Fett: Do whatever you want.
Jango Fett: That's more time than you gave me.
Obi-Wan: What?
Jango Fett: I want to see you squirm while you think you have options.
Jango Fett: The next time I see you, everyone you care about will be dead.
Jango Fett: You'll have every moment between now and then to think about what you've wrought.
Jango Fett: Go on, run while you can. {Obi-Wan leaves}
Boba Fett: {a parting shot at Obi-Wan} And you smell stupid too!
Boba Fett: {to Jango} Why couldn't you just shoot him?
Jango Fett: What sort of criminal mastermind would I be if I did that?

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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