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Episode 147: I, Sensei: Great Disturbance


Be very, very careful when giving one PC some sort of authority over another.


Qui-Gon: Well Annie, it looks like the GM isn't giving you extra skills unless I train you.
Anakin: Some sort of exercises? Meditation? The history of the Jedi arts? There must be so much to learn to be a Jedi!
Qui-Gon: Nah, not really. Just watch me when I fight and copy my cool moves. Do you have a laser sword?
Anakin: Wow! You're giving me a sword? Even after I got mad?
Qui-Gon: I'll grab one next time we're in a bar.
Queen Amidala: {arriving} We must leave for Naboo. Now. My people need me.
R2-D2: Finally, some space action!
[SFX]: < bip bing poppity >
R2-D2: While you lot were wasting time on the planet, I've been busy working on some custom shield-piercing mods for the ion cannons. Those enemy ships won't stand a chance.
[SFX]: < squee bloop bebedooby doop beep bippity whrooop doing bing poppity >
Anakin: Can I fire them?!
Jar Jar: Oh mysa...
Qui-Gon: No. You must heed your master.
Qui-Gon: Me first!

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Published: Sunday, 02 January, 2011; 14:36:51 PST.
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