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Player Characters

Dr Alan Grant Dr Alan Grant played by Jim.

Dr Alan Grant is a dinosaur palaeontologist with some unusual ideas about the evolution of dinosaurs.

Jim is a rather gung-ho roleplayer, interested in action, cool fight scenes, and lucrative spoils over careful consideration or puzzle solving. He frequently acts before he thinks, which includes fixating on his own strange explanations for setting details that the GM hasn't explained yet.

Robert Muldoon Robert Muldoon played by Ben.

Robert Muldoon is a former big game hunter, now the game warden of Jurassic Park.

Ben is a thoughtful roleplayer who tries to think through the best course of action within his character concept and the setting. He enjoys coming up with clever ways to justify the success of his plans within the premises of the setting.

Dr Ian Malcolm Dr Ian Malcolm played by Pete.

Dr Ian Malcolm is a mathematician specialising in chaos theory.

Pete is an old friend of Jim's. Jim invited him along to join in this new game. Pete designed a character to maximise all the skills he thought would come in most useful in a cutting-edge science campaign, at the cost of having Annoyingly Rambles on About Chaos Theory, Annoyingly Hits on Other People's Girlfriends, and Annoyingly Smug.

Lex Lex played by Sally.

Lex is the granddaughter of John Hammond, the owner of Jurassic Park.

Sally is somewhat younger than the other players, but has grown to be an integral part of their gaming group. She has an active imagination and enjoys inventing details about the game setting and characters. Her gaming style is maturing as she grows older.

Dr Ellie Sattler Dr Ellie Sattler played by Annie.

Dr Ellie Sattler is a palaeontologist and Dr Grant's assistant.

Annie was interested to come along and see what this "roleplaying games" thing was all about, hearing it was a sort of improvisational acting thing. She is dedicated to playing her character as a real, complex person with motivations inspired by a well-considered backstory.

Tim Tim played by Corey.

Tim is the grandson of John Hammond, the owner of Jurassic Park.

Corey is Pete's nephew and was keen to play the "cool roleplaying game" that Pete told him about. He is relatively new to the world of tabletop RPG gaming but has adapted quickly to playing a character and thinking as they would.

Non-Player Characters

John Hammond John Hammond.

John Hammond is the owner and driving force behind Jurassic Park. He uses his great wisdom and popularity to clone incredibly dangerous dinosaurs and set them up as theme park attractions for children. How exactly he gets away with this is a mystery.

Donald Gennaro Donald Gennaro.

Donald Gennaro is a lawyer sent by Jurassic Park investors to inspect park safety. His main concern is making huge profits from the dinosaur DNA extracted from the Lost Amber Mine of Phanastacoria.

John Arnold John "Ray" Arnold.

John "Ray" Arnold is the chief systems engineer for Jurassic Park. He keeps an eye on the park and tries to keep everyone out of trouble, which seems to be a very difficult thing to do with scientists leaving the guided tour to go tramping through dinosaur enclosures all the time.

Dennis Nedry Dennis Nedry.

Dennis Nedry is Jurassic Park's systems network programmer. Dr Grant trusts him, but Dr Malcolm is suspicious of him because, you know, chaos theory and all that makes him unpredictable. Who is right remains to be seen.

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