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Episode 1448: Rogue Han


You can get circumstance bonuses on various skill checks for things like having appropriate tools for a tricky job, or buttering up an official while trying to fast talk them, or having the high ground when attacking someone.

If you have a favourable circumstance for one sort of skill check, then logically it should apply to all your skill checks. Right?


{R2 malfunctioning spectacularly}
[SFX]: zzzzzt... zzzzt... ZAP!!
R2-D2: Hey guys! Before I—
[SFX]: < bedoip ziting— >
GM: R2 is forcefully ejected from the data port and can no longer communicate.
C-3PO: Oh dear. He didn't eject safely. Who knows what might happen?
Leia: We need to get through this door!
Han: R2's exploding! I put him near the door.
GM: He's fizzled out.
Leia: We could try hotwiring the door.
Han: I keep telling people to do that, and it never works.
Leia: Do you have Hotwiring skill?
Han: I'm a rogue, of course I do.
Leia: Well why haven't you done it already?
Han: I was waiting until I had the element of surprise.

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Published: Thursday, 22 December, 2016; 02:11:02 PST.
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